Too Sticky!

Sensory Issues With Autism

Holly loves doing experiments and learning new things in science class. But when she finds out the next experiment is making slime, she’s worried. Slime is made with glue, and glue is sticky. Holly has sensory differences because of her autism and doesn’t like anything sticky. With help from family and her teacher, Holly receives the accommodations and encouragement she needs to give slime a try.

Why I Wrote Too Sticky!

I wrote the book I didn’t know I needed, but I wish I had, growing up as an undiagnosed autistic girl.  I especially wanted my autistic kids and others like them to be able to see themselves in a book. Too Sticky! is not so much a book about autism as it is a book about a girl who happens to be autistic going about her everyday life. Holly just does things a little differently. Her story is based on my own and my kids’ experiences with autism and sensory differences. It was hard for me to have sticky hands as a child. And it’s still hard for me as an adult.


Watch Jen’s interview with Zibby Owens on her Instagram channel. Jen talks about her book Too Sticky! and her autism diagnosis as an adult.


“Charming, inclusive, and grounded in real-life experiences.” –Kirkus Reviews

“Malia, writing from an #OwnVoices perspective, illustrates how an autistic child can coexist with neurotypical children, address her personal difficulties, and—thanks to a supportive environment—thrive.” Booklist

Book Lists for Too Sticky!

Pub Date: April 1, 2020
Pages: 36 pages
Publisher: Albert Whitman & Company
Hardcover ISBN: 9780807580264
ebook ISBN: 9780807580288
Author: Jen Malia
Illustrator: Joanne Lew-Vriethoff

Look Inside Too Sticky!

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