The Infinity Rainbow Club Series

The Infinity Rainbow Club is a chapter book series set in an after-school club with different neurodivergent fourth graders in the lead for each book.

Book 1: Nick and the Brick Builder Challenge

When the Infinity Rainbow Club at school competes in a brick builder challenge, Nick can’t wait to participate. Until he learns he must have a partner—the new girl. Nick wants to work alone. But to win, he’ll have to figure out how to be part of a team. A story about the universal struggle of learning to work together on a team, told from the perspective of an autistic child.

Available Sept. 26, 2023

Book 2: Violet and the Jurassic Land Exhibit

The Infinity Rainbow Club is volunteering at the local natural history museum where Violet’s parents work. Violet loves setting up the new augmented reality exhibit, but she worries that something will go wrong. Her OCD has her repeatedly checking for errors. Can Violet find a way to trust her work and enjoy the exhibit?

Available Oct. 24, 2023

Book 3: Connor and the Taekwondo Tournament

Connor is training for the local Taekwondo tournament with some of his friends from the Infinity Rainbow Club. But at his team practices, he gets distracted with his poomsae, sparring, and board breaks. His ADHD makes it hard for him to stay focused. Will Connor be able to calm his body and mind so he can compete in the tournament?

Available Spring 2024

Why I Wrote The Infinity Rainbow Club Series

I wrote this chapter book series especially for neurodivergent kids. The one in five who are diagnosed with ASD, ADHD, OCD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, and other brain differences. In these books, I draw on my own and my kids’ neurodivergent experiences.

For this series, I wanted to create a club where neurodivergent kids could interact and develop social relationships without the pressures that exist with neurotypical peers. The Infinity Rainbow Club is a place where stims and different communication styles are not only accepted but celebrated.