The Infinity Rainbow Club Series

The Infinity Rainbow Club is a chapter book series featuring five neurodivergent children in a club at their elementary school. The club provides a safe space for stims and different communication styles to be accepted and celebrated.

Book 1: Nick and the Brick Builder Challenge

When the Infinity Rainbow Club at school competes in a brick builder challenge, Nick can’t wait to participate. Until he learns he must have a partner—the new girl. Nick wants to work alone. But to win, he’ll have to figure out how to be part of a team.

A story about the universal struggle of learning to work together on a team, told from the perspective of an autistic child.

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Book 2: Violet and the Jurassic Land Exhibit

The Infinity Rainbow Club is volunteering at the local natural history museum where Violet’s parents work. Violet loves setting up the new augmented reality exhibit, but she worries that something will go wrong. Her OCD has her repeatedly checking for errors. Can Violet find a way to trust her work and enjoy the exhibit?

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Book 3: Connor and the Taekwondo Tournament

Connor loves practicing taekwondo at his dojang. Having ADHD means he has to work a little harder to keep his focus during sparring sessions, but that doesn’t stop him from mastering new forms and rising through the taekwondo ranks. However, when Wyatt—Connor’s nemesis—starts training at the same dojang, staying focused suddenly becomes a lot harder. Can Connor persevere and find his focus in time for the big tournament?

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Why I Wrote the Infinity Rainbow Club Series

I wrote this chapter book series especially for neurodivergent kids. The one in five who are diagnosed with ASD, ADHD, OCD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, and other brain differences. But I also wrote this series for their neurotypical peers so they have a better understanding and are more accepting of neurodivergence.

In these books, I draw on my own and my kids’ neurodivergent experiences. I wrote the series I wish I had growing up as an undiagnosed autistic girl and the series I want my neurodivergent kids and others like them to have now.

Each book in the series is told from the point-of-view of a different neurodivergent fourth grader to show a range of perspectives. Nick and the Brick Builder Challenge is told from the point-of-view of an autistic boy, Violet and the Jurassic Land Exhibit a girl with OCD, and Connor and the Taekwondo Tournament a boy with ADHD.

I wanted to capture as many neurodivergent voices as I could throughout the series. Other characters in the books include a non-speaking autistic girl, a dyslexic girl with dysgraphia, a girl with dyspraxia, and a boy with dyscalculia.

For more on why I wrote this series, you can read my guest blog post, “Jen Malia: The Infinity Rainbow Club (Neurodiversity): A New Series Dealing with Autism, ADHD, OCD, Dyslexia, and Dysgraphia,” on A Novel Mind.


Jen with Nick and the Brick Builder Challenge at Beluga Point in Alaska.